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Kun 刁坤


刁坤先生2019年加入辉盛,现负责品牌标识和字体设计创作,以字体设计为擅长领域。刁坤先生自毕业之后踏上了异于常人的人生轨迹。他从小习武,后任河北省武警特种作战队员。复员之后,他做过驾驶员、仓库保管员,甚至成为一名小商贩。2014年他发现了自我在艺术创作领域的潜能并毅然自学平面设计。他用了四年的时间,从设计助理到杂志美编继而成为资深平面设计师。他向行业证明了在他的世界里,图形、版式、字体——平面设计中的三座大山并非不可逾越。更是证明了大器晚成后的光彩依然灿烂夺目。自三年前辉盛收到他的第一份简历开始,我们见证了一个行外人凭借天赋与努力,成为实力设计师的巨变。「很幸运,我已经抵达字体设计这座最巍峨的大山脚下。 」他对自己说。「在未来,我将在品牌设计的创作之路,尽毕生之力,创造自己的意像天地。」刁坤先生如是描述自己的理想。

Diao Kun joined Rise Design in 2019. Now he is responsible for brand logo and typeface design creation. He is good at typeface design. After graduation, Mr. Diaokun set foot on a life track different from ordinary people. He learned Chinese Kungfu as a child and later became a special operations member of Chinese Army(PLA). After demobilization, he worked as a driver, warehouse keeper, and even as a small business man. In 2014, he discovered his potential in the field of artistic creation and resolutely taught himself graphic design. He spent four years, from design assistant to magazine editor and then to senior graphic designer. Since we received his first resume three years ago, we have witnessed the transformation of an outsider to a powerful designer through his talent and hard work. "Fortunately, I have reached the foot of the highest mountain of design," he said to himself. "In the future, I will try my best to create my own design world in the creative path of design." Diao kun describes his ideal like this.