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Sanya, Hainan of China.


Availing myself of the opportunity of a business trip, I ventured to Sanya for the first time, a once renowned tourist city teeming with visitors. Yet, amidst the former bustle along the seashore and on the mountains, I discovered a tranquil presence. This is the southernmost tip of China, known as the Land's End. Climbing the nearby Nanshan, I gazed dreamily upon the quaint and lush cityscape and verdant forest. This is a distinct locale, boasting a climate incomparable to that of northern cities. Yet, it is also a familiar place, thus I strove to capture its unique essence through my lens.


© Uran Wang

Sanya, a tropical paradise located in the southernmost part of China, offers a warm and sunny weather all year round. The city boasts stunning natural scenery, including crystal-clear beaches, lush forests, and towering mountains.

With its warm weather, beautiful landscapes, and endless activities, Sanya is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.