Our latest work and updates. Following innovation process.

Eames Chair, Herman Miller.

New MacBook Pro joins the meeting.

Our English class about design and culture.

A grand opening of Hicyan Art Center to welcome their visitors. Learn more.

Meet Mr. Ray, leader of Steelcase China, talk about innovation and ideas behind space and business.

Hicyan Art Center ready to launch.

Hicyan Art Center ready to launch.

We are updating our website with a completely re-design.

Splendid sunset after days of rain.


New Identity for Lansidai Group.

Great brand update for Head Group.

Cartoon creation for a new brand.

Hicyan Gallery Opening Soon.

RDA Team 2021. Be together, be forward.

A quick visit to Apple store Sanlitun.

New R&D Center space design project launched. RDA Team is taking the job from inside & out.

On-site research to start an art gallery.

Designers meet bride.

New restaurant design opening soon.

Create identity for Lujiazui Digital Finance Forum.

Everyday life in RDA.

New iMac 2021.

Our new Steelcase office furniture arrived.

Working in progress.

Designing the Hicyan Art Museum now.

New brand&Space design for Zenda Books.

New restaurant design for Littleforest.

Spring Rhythms.

Animation for CabinVC.

We are working with Steelcase to update our work space.

New brand identity design for MetaMeat.

Blooming Season.

New start, new projects.

Band of Designers.

Before the new year holiday.

A new project in design: PowerDSP

Meet little Hei. Mascot created by RDA Team.

Illustration for a new package.

KeepFresh% opening soon.

New Brand and workplace for Qinshuo.

Signage design for Yarward Group.

Coffee for a afternoon break.

Store design for Keler.

Brand re-design for Duohe Pie.

Exhibition Design for Yarward.

Riding in Hangzhou.

The Bund in Shanghai.

A visit to Steelcase Headquarters in Shanghai.

Visit the first Tsutaya Bookstore in mainland China.

New Brand Identity for Qtile.

Outdoor activity.

Unforgettable Winter.

New brand on New York Time Square.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

RYE Music Festival.